Thursday, March 22, 2007 | Lisa Cohen thinks this is “clean” — the proposal by SDG&E to ship imported electricity generated using fossil fuel imported from Indonesia and South America into Mexican power plants that will leave NOX in the Imperial Valley, over 150′ power lines north past dairies exposing cows that give San Diegans their milk to microwaves, through one of the world’s great desert parks, forever scarring the land, across fire-prone chaparral mountains, to a link to ship a large share of this electricity to Riverside and the rest south, over large power lines toward San Diego through ten of our dedicated conservation parks, with a high percentage of energy loss over this great distance, requiring more imported fuel to be pumped to the Mexican power plants. I’d like her to define “clean.” It’s not my definition of “clean.” Conservation, solar power, close efficient regional power generation is much more clean.

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