Thursday, March 22, 2007 | Today we have a fair amount of NW wind and ground swell along the coast with a touch of SW. Conditions are questionable though. Some light NW is due Saturday, but another change in weather is right around the corner. Some bigger NW is due Tuesday into Wednesday. We’re also tracking some southern hemi swells for the beginning of April.

Right now, the California Buoy is checking in at 6 feet with 10-second periods. Closer to the coast, the Half Moon Bay buoy is checking in at 8 feet with 10-second periods, and the Cape San Martin buoy is at 9 feet with 11-second periods.

Overall, the swell energy in the water shows NW wind swell periods averaging 9-11 seconds from 295 degrees, NW ground swell periods running a little longer from 280, and SW periods running 14 seconds from 190.

In SoCal, wave heights are running chest to head high and peaky at most west facing breaks. South facing breaks are somewhat cleaner, running chest high on the better sets.

Northern California and the Central Coast are seeing chest to head high + sets at most west facing breaks, chest high at south facing spots.

Please note that the NW swell has some consistency to it, and as a result, there is a risk of riptides, especially at direct west facing beach breaks, and especially during the outgoing tides. Alongshore currents are also a concern. The NWS has issued a riptide warning through Friday as well. Caution is advised.

The tide is a bit of an issue over the next few days, dipping into the negative zone for early morning sessions. During the weekend, the tide will…[more]

Water temperatures are averaging 58 degrees in San Diego, 58 in Orange County, 57 in LA, 57 in Ventura County, 57 in Santa Barbara, 54 along the Central Coast and 52 degrees in NCal.

Winds as of 7:00 this morning were light and variable with a slight NNE offshore element. The offshore condition today is much weaker than forecast, with winds not likely to exceed 10 mph this morning from the NNE. This afternoon though, onshore winds could reach 15-20 mph, more so by the late afternoon/evening sessions. Friday looks fairly calm in the AM with a light offshore trend, and then…[more]

Small NW Saturday…“target=”_blank”>[more]

NW Tuesday, Wednesday, but conditions and weather in question…[more]

Tracking southern hemi swells for beginning of April…[more]

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