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Tuesday, March 28, 2007 | Thank goodness Alan Bersinhas finally opined on the dismissal of U.S. Attorney Carol Lam. But Bersin has worn so many appointive hats over so little time — ex-U.S. Attorney, ex-superintendent of public schools, ex-secretary of education for our Governator, recent chairman of the lame duck airport authority and newest member of our strong mayor’s city charter review committee — that the multiplicity of roles seems to have affected his judgment.

Bersin says if there were chicanery involved in dismissing a U.S. Attorney aimed at quashing an ongoing political investigation, conscientious independent FBI agents would ring up conscientious independent news reporters (off the record, of course) and set them straight on the facts. Surely Bersin must be kidding, or else he thinks we all just fell off the turnip truck.

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