City Attorney Mike Aguirre makes a move on the pension board. He writes in that letter that the issue is settled: He’s the pension board’s lawyer.

Oh, and this: I talked to Fred Sainz, the mayor’s spokesman, today. He wanted to clear up a point.

We have talked a lot, he said, about how Police Chief William Lansdowne refused to serve a search warrant on Sunroad Enterprises.

That’s not the way it happened, Sainz said.

The mayor’s people say Lansdowne merely asked Aguirre to respond to questions he had about the warrant.

“Aguirre, then, withdrew the search warrant,” Sainz said.

Here was Lansdowne’s own account of the incident:

In brief, the city attorney drafted a search warrant, asked the Police Department to serve that warrant and then quit the process when this department posed questions and requested additional details about the basis of that warrant.

So, if that’s true, that puts a little different spin on the supposed central question I had about whether Lansdowne could legally refuse to serve a search warrant. It seems like he should be able to clarify the basis of the search warrant but I’d still like to know if he has any say in the matter whatsoever.


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