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The city of Los Angeles opted Wednesday to increase the amount renters receive when they are displaced when their apartment buildings are converted into condos in the midst of a “war” over the popular residential projects, the Los Angeles Times reports.

According to the article, the Los Angeles City Council decided to base the payout on the displaced tenant’s age, income, whether children live in the unit, and the length of time the tenant has lived in the apartment. The payouts range from $6,810 to $17,080, the article reported.

Jim Waring, the city of San Diego’s development chief, said condo-conversion rules require developers to pay 90 days worth of rent to displaced tenants in San Diego.

The reasoning behind San Diego’s flat rate is mentioned in the Times‘ article:

In deciding to set fees based partly on a tenant’s income, the council majority ignored protests from the city’s planning chief, housing chief and members of the Planning Commission, all of whom supported a simpler, fixed structure.

Planning Director Gail Goldberg, for example, said that when she ran the planning agency in San Diego, officials decided to get rid of the so-called means-based approach because it was difficult to administer and mediate tenant-landlord disputes.


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