Monday, April 9, 2007 | Please consider the following possible explanation for City Attorney Mike Aguirre’s actions:

Mr. Aguirre often makes a public spectacle of himself because that is the only way to battle the U-T‘s non-stop efforts to keep the sunlight from shining on San Diego’s corruption industry. If he hadn’t gone off the deep end, we (the laity) might have thought that the Sunroad issue was a mild, bureaucratic dispute over FAA esoterica.

There is a pattern here:

1. or the Reader expose a smelly situation.

2. Scott Lewis, Don Bauder, et. al., interview the principals, report the facts, and comment intelligently.

3. The U-T publishes an editorial on the subject that is of questionable value. Often, it is incomplete, disingenuous, misleading, or plainly dishonest.

4. After setting the stage via its editorial, the U-T produces an article or series of articles that further the newspaper’s editorial position, sometimes to the detriment of the accuracy and completeness of its work.

I have been in SD for 12+ years, and this pattern has recurred too often for it to be random.

Please consider the possibility that Chief Bill Lansdowne, Mayor Jerry Sanders, et al, are under too much pressure from developers and their minions to do what is right, that they are being pushed to see Sunroad’s alleged violations as trivial, while Mr. Aguirre, a purist if ever I have seen one, is zealously and scrupulously upholding the law.

Last week, he said on camera that “the rule of law still has not taken hold in San Diego.” Perhaps that comment can be taken at face value?

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