Rick wrote:

Balboa Park is a great jewel. The problem comes when you talk of a vision. You and your peers do not have a vision for the park or the city. Look at transportation, Parks, growth, development, etc. In each case as you sort of recommend in this article you pass your responsiblity on to some developer or group. Where are the visions (read plans that can be implemented) by the council. When you give away your responsibility as a council person and as a body, someone else controls the outcome resulting in a total lack of accountability to the public. You recently stated you work hard attempting to represent the city as a whole. This article explains the path to failure.

I want to give the community and stakeholders the opportunity to participate in shaping the vision of Balboa Park. The Balboa Park Master Plan was the product of 10 years of community process prior to its adoption by the City Council. It is an example of a planning document developed with the work of many stakeholders in a collective effort. I believe that real leadership is letting other people participate in creating the vision to move forward. There are many stakeholders, and Balboa Park is many things to many people. We must be sure that everyone has an opportunity to help shape the future of the park by participating in the process. That is my vision: that city leaders work to secure the needed resources to protect and enhance this incredible community asset.


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