Wednesday, April 25, 2007 | I would be curious to hear one member of the City Council who voted against the pay increase name a more vital service than fire and police protection.

Yet we consistently refuse to pay these crucial public safety professionals the salaries they deserve, have earned, and require to raise a family in this expensive county.

The political opposition to the firefighters and police officers claim to be supporters, but then routinely rant against the unions which protect their interests.

This latest vote is nothing but anti-union posturing at the expense of our public safety.

I would suggest that if the city is in such dire straights that it can not afford to pay our firefighters and police officers a decent salary, then we are in too dire a condition to continue to pay our political leadership anything more than the gasoline money required for these union-busters to make it into work every day.

Our local politicians certainly do not have a right to expect any sort of paid vacation or leave time, while this financial crisis exists.

Mayor Sanders, Mike Aguirre, and members of the City Council, County Board of Supervisors and other six-figure salary earning members of the public payroll – give your pay checks to the firefighters and cops during this time of municipal financial hardship.

Show some leadership and the same level of self-sacrifice you are so willing to demand of public employees who do not begin with your same financial advantages.

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