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Wednesday, April 25, 2007 | To Planned Parenthood, parents are the problem. We cannot be trusted to help our own pregnant minor children deal with this complex and overwhelming medical development in their young lives. Planned Parenthood continues to advance the tired notion that parental notification policies “endanger children with abusive parents.” But what of the hundreds and thousands of caring parents who will guide, support, and love their pregnant minor children? And what of the hundreds and thousands of minor children who crave parental support and guidance in their time of uncertainty, fear, and isolation? Planned Parenthood believes it’s more important to risk permanent emotional damage to the vast majority of pregnant children by denying their parents an opportunity to help. Common sense demands that educators notify parents when a child is facing a major emotional and physical trauma such as pregnancy and possible abortion. Congratulations to the SDUSD personnel who care more about their minor female students than Planned Parenthood does.

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