Thursday, April 26, 2007 | Just a year ago the mayor forced the police department to take a 1 percent pay cut.

Now the mayor is politically busy trying to correct this obvious mistake by giving them a (much deserved) raise after three years without one. But during those years, how many experienced and trained officers left this city for cities who appreciated their public servants? Many, as we are now discovering. Probably more importantly, how many of the best candidates didn’t even apply for the SDPD to forgo the continual political attack and sub-par pay from a city who has forgotten their public servants?

And now the mayor wants to do the same thing with the fire department by reducing the compensation for firefighters this year. Yet many are in the hiring process for other departments for the same reasons! During the hiring process for the San Diego Fire department this year less than 100 applications were received when 7,000 plus were once received before. After a media blitz that number reached 2000 but how many of the best candidates forgo SDFD for better run and more appropriately prioritized cities? The citizens of San Diego deserve the best police and fire departments and paying the cheapest will cost us for many years to come with sub-standard service. You get what you pay for and so far San Diego continues to be America’s Cheapest City.

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