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Monday, April 30, 2007 | Hip hip hooray, Scott Peters to step down from the council president seat. Peters is a control freak. I just hope the people of San Diego realize that he is looking for the mayoral job, and will “shoot him down.”

I am sick and tired of people in this city putting City Attorney Aguirre down for doing his job. What he has on his plate is a huge agenda that takes enormous time. Not one of you could do any better. Just back off and let him do his job. I am beginning to believe that those who denergrate him are truly lazy and uninformed or as crooked as the crooks that run this town. No one wants to acknowledge that this city is still corrupt. San Diego has been corrupt for many years,and the corruption is still massive. Aguirre, is but one man; the sane people of San Diego are very grateful to have him. We ELECTED him. He is our Elliot Spitzer, and he has a resounding resume.

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