Tuesday, May 1, 2007 | San Diego’s financial and employee problems continue to pop up their ugly head.

KPMG’s financial analysis of the city’s financial reporting was addressed by the City Council yesterday. Council member calls report on city practices ‘devastating.’

San Diego Police lose another six veteran cops to other surrounding agencies last week.

Why can’t this city get its financial house in order? It seems to me that if the city wants to dish out $41 million for new computers this year, the city is not as financially strapped as they claim to be! I am sure the firefighters are wondering the same thing since they were refused a small 2 percent pay raise.

There is also no faith between the police personnel and the city. For that matter I am sure there is little faith between SDFD and MEA v. the city as well. Why is that?

On July 1, 2007, the city will no longer be responsible for F.I.T. injuries. F.I.T. was negotiated away. SDPD negotiated a 8-9 percent overall pay raise for some of their officers and eliminating F.I.T. played a major part in getting the contract approved.

The city of San Diego has not honored a contractual agreement with the SDPD concerning F.I.T. injuries for years. They are playing the blame game with SDCERS and visa versa. The injured employees are paying for this financially and emotionally. This is a very good example why there is no faith between the employer, “The City” and the San Diego Police Officers. Until this city starts honoring past commitments, and trust is restored between employees and the employer, it is no wonder the exodus of police officers continues at a record pace!

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