The City Council will take aim at the City Attorney Mike Aguirre’s budget this morning, affording council members who have often butted heads with Aguirre one of the few opportunities they have to rein in the controversial city attorney.

The council tried in March to curb the authority of the city attorney, who claims he can unilaterally file lawsuits such as his hallmark pension case, by forcing him to ask the council for permission to spend money on those lawsuits. This morning, the council will examine the city attorney’s annual budget for the coming 2008 year, which begins July 1.

During last year’s hearing, many council members reluctantly approved a slight increase to Aguirre’s funding after hearing a slew of community members rally for and rail against the city attorney. Several council members said they wanted more information about how Aguirre spends his money and how well his office fares in litigation.

The hearing will take place this morning at 9 a.m. on the 12th floor of 202 C St. in downtown San Diego.


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