Sunday, May 6, 2007 | Today we have diminishing, short-period NW wind swell along the California coast with some long-period southern hemi SW. Size will back down Monday — the beginnings of a small surf scenario for the remainder of the week (or longer).

Right now, the California Buoy is at a mere 3 feet with very short 7-second periods. Closer to the coast, the Half Moon Bay buoy is checking in at 6 feet with 9-second periods and the Cape San Martin buoy is at 6 feet with 8-second periods.

Overall, NW periods are averaging a short, 9 seconds from 280-290 degrees. Southern hemi energy is coming through from 215 with 17-second periods.

In SoCal, wave heights are running a peaky waist to chest high at most west facing breaks with some shoulder high+ sets at standouts. South facing breaks are running chest high.

Northern California and the Central Coast are seeing sets running chest+ at west facing breaks. South facing spots are running waist high.

The tide is an issue for early morning sessions as a tidal swing remains from that Full Moon last Wednesday. This spring tide’s lows could shut down many spots during the low tide hours, especially…[more]

Water temperatures are averaging 61 degrees in San Diego, 59 in Orange County, 57 in LA, 55 in Ventura County, 55 in Santa Barbara, 51 along the Central Coast and 51 degrees in NCal.

Winds as of 7:00 this morning were trending offshore from the north, thanks to high pressure moving in behind the recent wind-fest trough that’s now passing over the four-corners region. Some NE gusts were clocked at 15+ in some areas of LA this morning, but for the most part winds were checking in around 6-10 mph. Onshores are expected this afternoon from the west, reaching 15-20 mph. On Monday, the winds will…[more]

Size backs off Monday…[more]

Small week ahead…“target=”_blank”>[more]

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