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Wow, this is interesting. So without even feeling the heat from this potato, the district attorney passes it and declares that people shouldn’t assume the district attorney will be the one to prosecute Tom Story, the vice president from Sunroad Enterprises. DA Bonnie Dumanis says that the city of San Diego should hire its own special prosecutor for the case now that City Attorney Mike Aguirre has been thrown off of it.

But that may bring up more questions than it answers.

From an attorney friend:

Scott, just a note to draw your attention to the last paragraph of Dumanis’s submittal. She submits that the City must pay for any “special prosecutor” hired/designated to pursue the case if the City Attorney is recused.  This may present the next battleground: Will the City Attorney seek authority from the City Council to hire a special prosecutor, and will the Council agree, or will he go out and get someone on his own and try to force the City to pay, or will it have to come out of his budget?

I guess we’ll have to find all that out.


Update: Pam Hardy, the press secretary for Council President Scott Peters, called to remind everyone that the city could avoid all this by referring the matter to the state Attorney General’s Office.


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