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Bobby Shriver, a Santa Monica City Councilman, gushed about their city manager, Lamont Ewell, in a recent interview.

Shriver, with whose family you might be familiar, had this to say about the man who once ran San Diego’s city government:

The best thing we did was to hire Lamont Ewell as city manager. He is dedicated to serving the public and promotes that customer-service attitude among all City employees.

San Diego, unfortunately, keeps getting bad reviews of the system Ewell left us with here. He’s been gone well over a year but on March 12, we got yet another ugly report about the city’s mismanagement, inadequate controls, material misstatements to outside investors and a long, dizzying list of other “deficiencies” in place over the last few years.

Thanks to reader ST for spotting the interview with Shriver.


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