City Attorney Mike Aguirre asked Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today to assist him in his fight against Sunroad Enterprise’s construction of an office building near Montgomery Field airport.

Federal and state officials have deemed the project’s height hazardous, and Aguirre has sued for its deconstruction.

“It’s only a matter of time before an accident,” Aguirre said at an afternoon press conference, where he made the announcement.

The California Department of Transportation, which Schwarzenegger oversees, has already issued warnings about the building, which is two stories taller than Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.

“Simply stated, the building endangers the lives of San Diegans,” Aguirre wrote in the five-page letter.

Aguirre asked that Schwarzenegger request the state Department of Justice to join the City Attorney’s Office in the litigation. He did not address the letter to Attorney General Jerry Brown, who oversees the justice agency.

You can read the letter in its entirety here.

The city attorney said he made the request because Mayor Jerry Sanders has decided not to challenge the building’s construction.

“We have been unable to sway the mayor to intervene,” Aguirre said. He continued, “He has the authority to strictly enforce the stop-work effort. He has chosen not to exercise that authority.”


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