City Attorney Mike Aguirre’s request to have his pension lawsuit heard by the state Supreme Court was turned down this week, but Aguirre said his legal efforts will resume next month.

In the first phase of a three-part trial, the $900 million stakes of Aguirre’s sprawling case were chopped down to a minimal amount by a Superior Court judge in December. Aguirre asked higher courts to reverse judgment on that piece of the case, but Wednesday’s decision by the California Supreme Court ends that challenge.

Instead, the city will get a second chance to fatten the stakes of the case again, Aguirre said. The city attorney said the second phase of the trial will pick up in Superior Court next month, and he anticipates that the city will appeal the entire trial after its conclusion.

Aguirre said he thinks his appeals regarding the first phase were rejected because the higher courts prefer reviewing a judgment on the entire case and not just a portion.


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