Tuesday, May 29, 2007 | The struggle over proposed cuts to the city attorney’s budget chronicled by Evan McLaughlin goes to the balance of power in San Diego. It raises the question of what or who will check the “strong mayor” executive from giving the city up to developers if a majority on the City Council, as appears to be the case with Scott Peters as Council president, have also been co-opted.

Getting rid of Aguirre’ staff using the budget axe, seems to me as destructive as de-funding the Department of Justice at the national level would be. The City Attorney’s Office offers a ray of hope to those of us who seek to protect San Diego from profit-driven exploitation. I protest these budget cuts as a bald power grab by Jerry Sanders, abetted by Scott Peters. I hope the City Council will prove me wrong by doing the right thing: fully fund the City Attorney’s staffing request.

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