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Monday, June 4, 2007 | While I admire Donna Frye greatly for her independence, I wonder where she was during the entire airport relocation debate.

The safety issue at Lindbergh Field dwarfs the Sunroad question: No Safety Zones at either end of the short runway, low weather minimums, steep approach, fog closures, tight flight timing, narrow taxiway and close wing tip clearances, little overnight jet parking hence morning crush. Yet, the FAA allows Lindbergh to operate on waivers while upgrading safety concerns at arm’s length everywhere else.

Montgomery: 547 acres, General Aviation.

Gillespie Field: 775 acres, General Aviation.

Lindbergh: 661 acres, Commercial.

FAA directives will close Lindbergh on bad weather days, and weather adjustments will be made at Montgomery.

Someone might point out the job creation and commerce, and resulting tax revenue, for which Sunroad has been directly responsible over the years.

How easy it is to play politics yet avoid meaningful leadership on the big issues like safety and economics.

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