I got an interesting e-mail from a girl who said she is the ex-girlfriend of Justin Clarke, the subject of my story Friday.

Alexa Torres said she was Clarke’s first victim. She said Clarke has ruined her life, and that he is a cold, calculated liar.

Here’s a couple of extracts from Torres’ e-mail:

I read this story in amusement at how clever Justin Clarke can be. I have learned to not be surprised by what stories and excuses he is capable of making up, every time I think he has outdone himself with a better lie- he proceeds to top it off with one more clever than the last.


Now that he is incarcerated I can sleep well at night and feel safe in my home and not have to worry about looking over my shoulder everywhere I go.

I just spoke to Torres on the phone. She said she is one of the key witnesses in the case against Clarke.

Torres described Clarke as a pathological liar, who for many years lived a double life. She said while she dated Clarke, she never knew he was involved in drugs or criminality, but that after a messy breakup, she learned of his crime-ridden past.

Among the accusations Torres made against Clarke: Clarke stalked her, broke into her apartment twice, spray-painted her apartment, vandalized her car, vandalized her mother’s car, and was associated with a gang of thugs called the “San Diego Killers.”

She said Clarke is a master of deception, who fabricates elaborate lies that get more and more complicated every day.

“He’s a complete liar,” she said.


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