A few years ago, a group of dedicated community activists mounted a campaign to wrest control of the Peninsula Community Planning Board (PCPB) from the development and real estate interests that controlled it. The activists were successful and they inaugurated a new era of community oversight that did not grant a blanket pass to any and all development because the activists did not have the same links to, and self-interest in, the development community. They began to question developments and require projects in the Peninsula community be built with reason and consideration for the general public, not just the narrow interests of a few people.

The development community has risen up in righteous indignation and is attempting to retake the PCPB. Much the same as anyone who has questioned the wisdom of invading Iraq is accused of being unpatriotic, anyone who holds development to sense of civic responsibility in this community is branded “anti-development.” The opposition in both cases only sees things as black and white while reasonable, responsible people see shades of color and some common ground. The PCPB is going to have an historic run-off election on June 9 at the Point Loma Library. It is an absolute microcosm of what is happening nationally as well as within the city of San Diego, moneyed interests trying to control all levels of government. It is believed that this effort to take over the PCPB is part of a city-wide plan to neuter the planning boards by the current mayor and his supporters, the developers that have a stranglehold on this city. It has to stop and the community level is the best place to make a stand.


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