Thursday, June 7, 2007 | Hello my name is Joe Frayer and I am a student at the Art Institute of California — San Diego.

I had Greg Campbell for ethics and I feel that the Art Institute of California, San Diego is falling apart from the inside. Greg Campbell is probably my most memorable and favorite teacher. Greg Campbell has never done anything that I felt had crossed the line or was thought of as sexual harassment. My girl friend also took his class for anthropology and had that same assignment and neither of us feels that it was fair that AICA-SD fired Greg Campbell. He has always been a bit “eccentric,” but he has always been a very professional and thoughtful teacher. Greg Campbell is the kind of teacher where you don’t feel awkward talking to. He is very friendly and isn’t afraid to joke around. He is a good teacher because I remember in one of his classes he actually bought us all coffee and tea and we’d just sit there and talk about the topics of the day, it was a very comfortable and interacting experience and was always a joy to attend his classes. As of now, I tried to register for classes for next quarter and there were classes I needed to take, but I couldn’t because they weren’t listed. AICA-SD is way over their head; they don’t have enough teachers for the size of their school. I think it’s time that the Art Institutes start thinking about the students rather than the money they are stealing from the students. I did not pay $85,000 for this lack of quality in education.

On another note, read on … Erickson —”I am very proud of the quality and caliber of the faculty who educate our students at the Art Institute of California – San Diego. … Our faculty members are intelligent, accomplished career professionals in the field, as well as educators who care a great deal about our students. And we trust that they will always strive to do that which is in the best interest of students.”

But if you looked at craigslist you will see that what she says is skewed at the least.

Now, in my opinion, craigslist is a wonderful site! If you’re buying a used couch. But I hope to not see the same qualities in a teacher. If I had the choice, I’d transfer out as fast as possible.

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