Perri Lynn Turnbull, the director of development at High Tech High, said the San Diego Unified School District included incorrect student demographics data in a report on the charter school chain to be presented today. I wrote about the report last week.

This was the table created by the district, comparing the number of English learners, special-education students and low-income students enrolled by the chain and the district overall:

Here is what Turnbull says are the correct data:

Though the new chart does show that High Tech High enrolls significantly more students who receive free and reduced lunches than district staff had estimated, the number is still much lower than the San Diego Unified average. Turnbull said the company is working on it.

“There’s work that’s been done to really diversify the student body,” she said. “What we’re finding is that the percentage of the entering classes, for example next year, has a significantly larger percentage of free and reduced-meal students (than previous years).”

She said transportation to the chain’s schools, which don’t provide busing to students, remains a significant issue.


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