Let me use this post to respond to a few of the comments received because they add pertinent information to the discussion and elevate the level of political discourse. Dr. Healthcare wrote:

Labor agreements ensure health-care for all workers, whether union or non-union.

This is an important and often overlooked point. PLA or No-PLA, prevailing wage or not, union construction workers will always receive the same wage and benefit package. They will never have to depend on government assistance to pay their bills, provide health care for their family or survive in retirement. It is the non-union worker who actually benefits from these agreements, because it is the non-union worker that is often underpaid and working without benefits when the job is not covered by the prevailing wage law.

I appreciate Billy Bob Henry pointing out the difference between public unions and private sector unions like those found in the construction industry. To be clear, I think everyone regardless of what union they work for, or even if they work for a union at all, should receive a fair wage, have health insurance and a secure retirement. However, the public often misses the fact the union contractors choose to be union voluntarily. They are not union because of a vote of their employees or because of any legislative mandate. Our contractors chose to be union because it is in their best business interest, predominantly because of the unparalleled employee training provided through our apprenticeship program.

Facts? wrote:

Disappointing the voters in Vista were not given the hard facts before they spent so much money on a special election

And Jaime Barton wrote:

What has confounded me is the fact that the citizens of San Diego are being misled by a few selfish individuals that truly have their own interests to protect.

Both of these responses go to the heart of why I agreed to host the Café San Diego today. The people of San Diego deserve and, in light of our current challenges, need honest political discourse. I know there are those who disagree with my support for PLA’s and prevailing wage requirements. That is their right and I welcome the debate. But let’s not let honest debate be stifled by special interests that use their spin doctors to manipulate public opinion.

I do not want to overlook the response by Christopher Hall. I have ready many of his daily posts, and I always find them to be well-reasoned and fact-based. To Christopher, I apologize for not being well-versed on how the Downtown Community Plan Update was enacted, but I would not be surprised if much of the information used was inaccurate and intentionally so. This is simply another example why those of us who are paying attention need to remain vigilant.

Please continue to provide examples of misleading claims for political gains. The more we do so, the better off our city will be.


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