The City Council this afternoon will consider overriding Mayor Jerry Sanders on his decision to veto the $465,000 expenditure for a winter homeless shelter that the council initially approved last week as part of next year’s budget.

Sanders vetoed the item last week, arguing that he didn’t think a social program such as the shelter should be paid for by the city’s general fund. Instead, the city should find the funding from the Housing Commission, the downtown redevelopment board or private donors, he said.

Councilwoman Donna Frye has been leading criticism against the mayor’s move, saying that she found it irresponsible to scramble around to find for the money elsewhere.

Frye will need the support of four other council members to override the veto — the same number it took to approve the expenditure last week. At least one council member, Toni Atkins, said she would defer to the mayor.

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