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Sunroad Enterprises would resist shutting down construction on its entire Mongtomery Field airport-area project if the city ordered the company to stop work, a lawyer for Sunroad said today.

Sunroad attorney Steven Strauss addressed reporters on the matter a day after City Attorney Mike Aguirre called on Mayor Jerry Sanders to issue a stop-work order for the entire Centrum project, including portions of the project that do not exceed the 160-foot height limit set up by the FAA.

“If he believes there is a legal basis to stop construction, he should go to court,” Strauss said.

Aguirre has said the company would be better suited to direct its work toward taking down the top 20 feet of the already erected office building than to continue working on other aspects of the project.

Sanders has said he wants a full legal analysis of what a stop-work order on the entire project would mean. The mayor said he is concerned that stopping Sunroad’s construction would cause further delays that would cost the company money, and that the city could ultimately have to pay Sunroad back for causing delays.


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