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Monday June 25, 2007 | If had to buy paper and ink to print this Sunroad saga on, they’d go broke because nobody would pay to read about this continuing grade-school-mentality political football game.

The people who cheated, screwed up, and erred should all be taken out behind a virtual barn and disciplined — but not by boring news-media finger pointing. A 20-foot height variance for a building near an airport in this day and age is nothing to drag through the papers for months.

It would be more effective to simply report that nothing has been done yet to fix the faulty system that allowed this situation to happen “countless months ago” and still counting. Use your e-space to report details of something truly important.

Make sure the FAA specifications are up to date and get on with life. What are you waiting for: some idiot pilot or air traffic cop to cause a plane to hit the towering new structure? Well, I guess that would make a super duper finger-pointing saga for your reporters to follow.

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