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MiraCosta Community College Trustees Gloria Carranza, Jackie Simon and Judy Strattan held a press conference in Carranza’s home Tuesday afternoon. They told reporters that, despite the recent resignation of Superintendent/President Victoria Muñoz Richart, their grievances with their fellow trustees have not been assuaged.

“The behavior has not improved and the departure of the president will not fix the entire situation,” said Strattan. “Blame must be shared by everyone for allowing a premier institution to have its reputation tarnished in the minds of many and in the media.”

The problems facing the college began last year when the president called for a felony investigation into several employees over money mishandling in the college’s Horticulture Department. The tension between faculty and the majority trustee members reached a fever pitch in recent months. On June 20, Richart and the board reached a $1 million settlement in exchange for her resignation.


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