Thursday, June 28, 2007 | I have paid tons of taxes during my lifetime and received very little in exchange. One of my few pleasures is to go for a peaceful walk or bicycle ride, with or without my dog. I find it irritating when people complain about how much dog owners expect. I never had children, yet I voted for school bonds and parks and after school programs for decades because I thought it was the right thing to do. It did not benefit me personally, but I paid for it. I lived in Mira Mesa for 21 years near Ericson Elementary, across from the park. I endured years of screaming, yelling obnoxious soccer moms who deliberately parked across my driveway, blocking me in, even though there were many available parking spaces in the school lot. I worked for the Department of Social Services for years and endured demanding and irresponsible clients who thought they were entitled to free/cheap housing and medical and child care just because they had borne children they could not support. I have been blocked in on Shelter Island during the many 10-kilometer races they have held for various causes. Yet one of the very few things I enjoy that San Diego provides — Fiesta Island — is about to be ruined by development. Where is the fairness to all citizens in this policy? Aren’t dog owners entitled to enjoy a reasonable share of our open space/parkland?

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