Couple of things:

  • Mayor Jerry Sanders’ liaison to the City Council, Jeff Gattas, has put in his notice and will be leaving City Hall in coming weeks. He took a job with the University of California, San Diego, working on community relations and government affairs.

Sanders’ spokesman Fred Sainz said they would be looking for a replacement.

  • The USS Nimitz’s visit to Chennai, India continues to generate headlines galore in that country.

Here’s one descriptor of our “youngsters” in The Times of India:

Batch by batch the sailors, trainers and other staff on board are being brought to the city to see what India is like and to witness a major event in Indo-US relationship. Aged between 18 and 40, for most of them it was first visit to India. The youngsters queued up all along the day, waiting to be taken in a ferry to the port, 5 km away. A whopping $1 million will be spent on each day of the stay and entertainment of this huge contingent in Chennai.

  • So, on that note, here’s a MonDiego Tube giving a street-level view of Chennai, where they will be spending that $1 million a day. And hopefully my wife spends her boisterous share of that. I may, or may not, have been spending a lot of her extra deployment money lately and would love not to feel guilty about it.

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