Tuesday, July 3, 2007 | It is refreshing to have someone with common sense address some of the problems regarding the recent board approval of the SDUSD budget.

I also have a problem with the current waste of money. I know of a teacher who is not assigned to work anywhere. She is currently costing the district $97,000.00 per year. She has been out of any assignment for 4-1/2 years at that figure. That has cost the district more than $400,000.00 so far. In addition to that, the legal fees that surreound this one case must be astronomical. What’s the sense?

I know of another tenured teacher that has been assigned to do clerical work that a high school girl could do. She has been out of the classroom for 4 years. What’s the sense in that?

I will NEVER vote for ANY bond issue. Let them learn how to use the money they ALREADY HAVE properly.

When SDUSD decides to place a bond issue before the voters, I plan to expose this situation. I relayed this informtion to Dr. Cohn, and he said that taxpayers are concerned with the education of children, and insinuated that my information would not affect the vote. I responded that taxpayers are concerned about the waste of their money.

I am sick of the “it’s-all-for-the-children” line. That is a bunch of baloney. It’s time for the taxpayers to be given correct information so that they can vote accordingly.

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