As I reported last week, school board members John de Beck and Mitz Lee have called for the appointment of a budget reform committee to improve how the San Diego Unified School District drafts its spending plan each year.

Now, other board members are joining in, too.

Katherine Nakamura has requested that the district’s Audit and Finance Committee, which is headed by Dan McAllister, the county’s treasurer and tax collector, help the district create a more comprehensible document. Nakamura said she has always been concerned about how the district spends its money, and she says she wants to “strike while the iron is hot.”

The committee will meet next month to look at how other school systems make their spending plans.

Even William Kowba, the district’s chief financial officer, seems to have gotten the budget-reform bug. Though he defended how the district developed its budget this year last month — when the school district first vetoed it — Kowba now says the district staff was so worried about the process that it formed its own task force to look at the issue six months ago. School board member Shelia Jackson says the district should allow the task force to come up with the proposals for how to change the budget.

Only board President Luis Acle hasn’t weighed in. Previously, Acle said the board should focus on approving — not formulating — the spending plan.


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