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It is time to break the silence about running for the San Diego City Council.

Will she run or will she not? What’s holding up the show?

I’ve been following all the speculation and gossip in and other internet publications with great interest.

Sometimes I stay up far too late at night reading the latest about my intentions, my character … or lack of it … and my potential as an elected official. I try not to take it too personally, after all it is politics.

I’m also stopped on the street, in the grocery store and even at work by people curious to know if I plan to run.

And there’s no shortage of opinions.

Some say I should. San Diego needs a good Troubleshooter to clean up City Hall.

Others say it’s a lousy idea, that it would be frustrating beyond belief in San Diego’s current political environment.

I have to tell you I’m intrigued and inspired by all of it: the conversations, the columns, the blogs and the kvetching … the civil and not so civil discourse.

But I also recognize this discussion isn’t so much about Marti Emerald and her political aspirations. It really has more to do with our shared concerns about the future of San Diego.

Concerns about integrity at City Hall and how to restore public trust.

Concerns about public services and safety and how our tax dollars are spent.

Concerns about our ability to support our families and have a say in what happens in our neighborhoods.

These are the same concerns I’ve been addressing for the past 22 years as the 10news Troubleshooter: giving consumers and taxpayers a voice, exposing fraud, fighting for open and honest government, and giving the average person a fair shot on a level playing field.

Through it all I recognize I’ve earned a reputation, a big one.

And with it comes big responsibility, a duty to do the right thing.

At this juncture in my life, the right thing is to answer the call to public service.

Will it be on the City Council?

It’s a good possibility.

I’m talking to campaign professionals.

I’ve dropped in on community planning groups in the 7th District to find out what bugs them and what they want from their City Council.

I am also looking inward, asking myself: Is this the best way I can serve?

Most importantly, I’m talking to my family.

My 14-year-old daughter Chloe and my husband Mike are veterans of life in the spotlight.

They often have to share me in public with people who want to talk about an issue or want to thank me for fixing a problem they had years ago.

It’s all generally positive and flattering, but still an intrusion when Chloe and Mike just want us to be together as a family.

Now, Mom is considering a new public career, with even more public demands for her time and attention.

It’s a balancing act and my family needs to buy in if it’s going to work.

So, while I am genuinely drawn to this opportunity with its many challenges, I am also giving myself and my family time to make sure it’s the right move for us.

I also have an obligation to 10news to navigate this process in a responsible and ethical manner, which I am doing and will continue to honor.

As reported in the Voice, my current contract with 10news expires in September. That’s when I will publicly announce my decision.


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