I heard back today from Jamie Fox Rice, spokeswoman for Kevin Faulconer. (We called her a day before running our earlier post in This Just In.)

While we had written earlier about the contradiction of Faulconer supporting a ballot initiative to keep more lease revenues in the park at the same time he’d used revenues outside the park, his spokeswoman said there was no contradiction. She explained that the Mission Bay Park lease revenues used to fund the $250,000 erosion study in Sunset Cliffs Natural Park are currently required to be spent outside the park.

It’s complicated, so bear with me. The first $20 million of lease revenues go to the general fund. Everything beyond that gets split up. Half goes to the general fund. A quarter goes to Mission Bay Park and another quarter (not to exceed $2.5 million) goes to other regional parks.

If you’re really keen on the whole Sunset Cliffs erosion issue, you can watch me talking about it tonight on KPBS’s Full Focus at 6:30 p.m. and 11 p.m.


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