The complaint filed yesterday against Prudential Overall Supply for violating the city’s living-wage law is one of the many battles the laundry workers’ union is waging throughout the region.

Unite Here, the union representing workers at the several Prudential facilities in the southwest, has also challenged the company’s payroll practices earlier this month at facilities in the Bay Area, Arizona, Riverside, and Vista.

The union complained to the U.S Department of Labor on July 11, alleging that the Prudential’s employees were not being paid at federal contracting rates for providing laundry service to federal agencies such as the military and Border Patrol. Under the McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act, contractors such as Prudential should be paying a prevailing wages and benefits for the designated area, the union argued.

Prudential officials did not offer comment in any of the various media reports published about the complaint.


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