Friday, July 27, 2007 | In a time of fiscal austerity, these raises are an obvious grab of taxpayer dollars. But what’s more disturbing, the obvious efforts to cover up by obfuscation of the facts. By burying the facts as deeply as possible, our council members, who have all but admitted their ignorance in such matters, rubber stamp their budget documents. Then when facing tough questions they run for cover. It’s only when the cites the law, forcing those who believe they are above the law, to minimally comply begrudgingly.

Where the hell is Mayor Jerry Sanders and his Office of Ethics and Integrity? Asleep at the switch again? Where are the promised audits? Where are the performance reports for all of these boards and agencies? What are we getting for these salaries? Just what have they accomplished?

Oh sorry, I forgot. This is San Diego, where taxpayers just take it over and over.

Mayor Sanders, just when do you intend to start cleaning up all these wasteful programs?

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