Mayor Jerry Sanders has asked the City Council to postpone its selection of private brokers to sell off $32 million in city land, saying he has asked the City Attorney’s Office to examine a potential conflict of interest that could arise with one of the companies he is suggesting.

Sanders has recommended Grubb & Ellis as one of the brokers to represent the city in its sale of commercial properties, including the World Trade Center. The council is scheduled to vote on the proposal Monday.

However, the mayor now said he wants to be cautious in proceeding with a contract with Grubb & Ellis Brokerage Services after another branch of the company advised the city that it should sell excess properties through a broker and not an auction. A provision in the contract for that job barred Grubb & Ellis Conuslting from becoming a broker. Sanders said he wants to make sure the dynamic does not constitute a conflict of interest.

You can read the memo here.


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