Left out of Wednesday’s story on the first batch of campaign finance reports were three city candidates whose disclosures weren’t on file as of press time: city attorney contender Dan Coffey and District 5 City Council candidates Bob Ilko and Mitz Lee.

Coffey, who is currently City Attorney Mike Aguirre’s lone challenger, loaned his campaign $400 and donated various supplies for a total of $482. Aguirre raised $1,610 in June for the 2008 race.

In District 5, Ilko raised $2,640 in individual contributions. Lee raised $2,410, including $1,000 from herself. She also lent her campaign $5,000, bringing the total amount of seed money she collected in the first month to $7,510.

Both candidates fell well short of District 5 competitor Carl DeMaio, who raised $112,068 and loaned himself another $44,101.


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