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Friday, Aug. 3, 2007 | Re: Goat Hill. I understand NIMBYism. We live in paradise. Change and development threatens it. But change and growth can also enhance our paradise.

Oceanside has an incredible opportunity to use the Chargers as the catalyst for positive change.

Today the stretch of Oceanside Boulevard from the coast to Rancho del Oro is hardly paradise. Poorly planned strip malls, low-intensity and somewhat dilapidated industrial areas, and a very nice mobile home park typify this valley’s underutilization. At the risk of sounding insensitive to property rights, much of it could be considered blight and perhaps the entire stretch from Coast Highway to El Camino Real could be part of a redevelopment zone.

With the Chargers as the anchor, I can see Oceanside Boulevard become the new millenium’s version of a mini-Mission Valley: an environmentally-sensitive collection of homes, retail and office that take advantage of its location at I-5 and along the new Sprinter light rail. By masterplanning the entire valley, mistakes made in Mission Valley can be avoided.

Wake up Oceanside. Establish a vision. Exploit the incredible power of the NFL to help you get there.

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