Monday, Aug. 6, 2007 | In Judge Jeffrey Barton’s recent ruling:”…the Legislature made the new statute of limitations period effective January 1, 2008, and did not make it retroactively applicable to pending cases. As a result, the applicable statute of limitations is one year.” The city filed its pension case well beyond the one year ruling, making it obviously null and void. This should have been the last nail in the pension coffin.

However, in brazen contradiction and childish denial of reality:”… [City Attorney] Aguirre … is going to ask the state Supreme Court to decertify the appellate case that Barton based his decision on. Additionally, Aguirre said recent state legislation would allow him the ability to file the case again when the law takes effect in January.” Both the Apellate and Supreme Court have snubbed him before and will do it again.

With estimates of his wasting over $30 million so far, fortunately the City Council has recently voted to curb expenditures for Mr. Aguirre’s delusional escapades.

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