Monday, Aug. 6, 2007 | While Mike Aguirre continues to huff and puff, and throw phrases around like “adverse domination,” the fact of the matter is that Ann Smith and her team of excellent attorneys have already blown his house down. The law is NOT on his side, he is an obsessed lunatic intent on continuing to waste the taxpayers’ money on a misguided crusade that he can not win. Mike Aguirre told several lies today in his pitiful, desperate and threatening press conference aimed at getting the mayor and City Council to do things that would actually be against the law (something he has no respect for whatsoever). Don’t believe him. Write the mayor and City Council and give them your support in putting a stop to this insanity. City employees deserve to have the promises made by their employer kept, and they will be, the only question is how much more money will be wasted on Aguirre’s losing lawsuits

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