We’ve got a good conversation going on here, talking about homeowners’ association fees in for-sale affordable housing units in downtown San Diego. Here’s the story I wrote about the issue, and here’s the post that inspired some of you to send me your thoughts.

Here’s what reader MM had to say:

People who dont produce enough or contribute enough to society to be compensated in an amount that enables them to afford the market price for a home should not be rewarded at all with a subsidy or penalty from others that do (ie by working harder or smarter). If you cant afford it you dont belong in there, go to El Cajon or El Centro. Keep the politics out of our condos.

And from the other side, here’s reader IR:

This whole concept of “fairness” to the well off is absurd. The people who are given a break in price so they can afford a condo can obviously also not afford the higher HOA fees. The greedy “haves” should finally find some compassion for the “have nots” for once, whether they like it or not. There would never be any affordable housing for anybody if people with this heartless attitude had their way.

Here’s a note, a somewhat facetious note I believe, from reader BB:

I have no problem paying for others homeowners fees…

I already pay thousands in my property taxes to the schools, even though I have no children …

I pay for food stamps for those who can not afford to eat…

I pay extra on my car insurance for those who do not have insurance

So, why not pay for home owners fees?

In fact, I think we should raise the cost of postage stamps so others who cannot afford it can send items free… I also would pay an internet tax so others can have access to broadband…


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