A few more responses to readers’ comments:

Reader WatchDog wrote:

Diane the process of dealing with a minidorm will be complaint driven, either to the code enforcement officer as provided by SDSU or the police and their associated agencies, not to mention the volunteer code enforcement snitches walking around with autonomy and the RSVP officers. It’s interesting that you make comments of doing things all legal like (remember your speech at the council meeting?). I’d be interested to see how legal like your properties are with showers in laundry rooms, converted dens, garages rented out separately for storage so no tenant can even use the driveway. I’m sure that all is quiet now, you do realize that school hasn’t started yet, don’t you? I’d be concerned when numerous cars show up and clog the parking on the streets that you might have a few neighbors who will drive the complaint process.

You just validated what my article spoke about, You and your type are on a mission to harass everyone who rents to students.  You call any house with young people in it a mini-dorm even if it’s just a master lease with several occupants, a situation prevalent throughout the city.  Do you have any idea of how many such leases exist in this city or worse how many families are crammed into small quarters throughout the area?  Do you really think the city has the manpower to go door to door in San Diego and see if square footage requirements are being observed?  When the city inspectors came to my house, I passed with flying colors.  Flooding the police department with irresponsible complaints is the work of mean-spirited people and a waste of taxpayer money.  Save your complaints for legitimate reasons.  At any rate, the frivolous calls are working in my favor because the police are now realizing that we are being harassed and many city officials and police are now very friendly with me. 

Your threats are unfounded.  Parking on a public street is not illegal. Renting to young people is not illegal.  You must just be someone who wants anyone that looks like a student to just disappear and worse you sound like a Peeping Tom, speaking of illegal things.    

Reader Get a Life wrote:

I think I am going to buy some property in San Diego. I think it’s a beautiful city. Diane , do you have any suggestions for me? Someone like you should run for Mayor! You are extremely intelligent and a wonderful speaker . You make sense and you care. That is what we need to make a city grow . What we don’t need are the grumpy “no lifers” that live in these beautiful areas. They need to move to Siberia. Either take some valerian to mellow you out or MOVE! Why on earth would you live near a campus if you can’t stand students!!! Talk about ignorance.

Thanks for your nice compliments.  I agree with you.  San Diego is a wonderful city. The majority of the people I run across here are lovely. We should have pity on these few nasty souls who show so much animosity. They are only making themselves miserable. They don’t even realize that I am a good force in the landlord community and am on their side when it comes to parties, noise and trash. I am glad that they wrote in, however, because now everyone can see that my article was correct about the harassment issues.  Peeping toms, frivolous police calls, and rudeness to their student neighbors. Talk about bad neighbors!

Reader lizzy wrote:

Hi Diane, I just wanted to personally thank you for all the work you are doing for us students. I am glad that there is someone taking time out of their schedule to look at the other side of things. I just want to know where these people (who are wasting their time and energy because they have nothing better to do) expect us students to go. Our main priority in life right now is school. Thats why we are here. I live in a house with students and we all keep good grades and do not disturb the neighborhood. We hope to continue living in the area but it isn’t fun feeling like we have to walk around on tip toes because some of the older families in the neighborhood have lost all understanding of the meaning of tolerance. Thanks again we all appreciate what you are doing.

Thanks for the encouragement.  It’s good to have a student’s perspective.  Yes, the meaning of tolerance has been twisted here.   There are drive-by shootings, meth labs, robberies and murders going on in the city, but these people want to treat you as if you a bunch of hoodlums for wanting to go to school.  It’s sad, actually, when they are so lucky to have you as neighbors.  

They just don’t get it.  Students are not the problem. Landlords are not the problem. Violators are the problem. This discrimination has to stop.


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