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Monday, Aug. 6, 2007 | At this point, good solutions are few for the Catholic clerical abuse scandal in San Diego. The lack of openness and willingness by powerful Churchmen to adequately consider the human side of this matter is a big obstacle. There is concern that not all bishops are complying with the new policies set down by the group as a whole. It is commonly held that one is unable to speak about power to the powerful, because they can’t hear the defects in their own policies. While it is too late for any credible moral support from the diocese, there is still time for the hundreds of disappointed, disgusted and angry Catholics to make their opinions known. Catholics will always vote with the only avenue open to them, money. Due to the inherent power and secrecy existing within the closed society that is the Catholic hierarchy, it is a reasonable solution. If participating Catholics throughout the diocese withheld their regular contribution until a settlement was reached, it would take place swiftly. As things stand, I expect Bishop Brom will thwart mediation and allow settlement hours before the first case goes to trial. Established patterns are hard to change.

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