The resounding question after my post yesterday: Why were Council President Scott Peters’ legal bills coming in so much later than the rest of the council members?

Well, I don’t think we have an answer yet. But here’s an update:

I spoke with Peters’ attorney, Pam Naughton, today and she said she didn’t know why either.

“Somewhere in the process, our bills were getting lost,” she said.

Here’s the process: the attorneys fill out their invoices, and turn them over to Councilman Jim Madaffer’s attorney. His attorney, Tom Zaccaro, then blacks out any sensitive material in the description of work performed on the invoice (such as the subject of discussions with investigators from the Securities and Exchange Commission). Those invoices are handed to a retired judge, who decides whether the blacked out sections are appropriately kept from the public, which is footing the bills.

Naughton said she turned the invoices into Zaccaro’s office every month. But, when she wondered why she wasn’t getting paid, Zaccaro’s office said the judge had them. The judge then said Zaccoro had them, Naughton said.

“Whatever happened, I’d like to know,” Naughton said.


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