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Thursday, Aug. 9, 2007 | In reference to the Audit Committee story by Evan


If a citizen of San Diego wished to file a complaint or blow the whistle on any official, he or she has access to either the county grand jury or the San Diego Ethics Commission set up by former Mayor Dick Murphy.

Along comes Sanders and (I could not believe this when I first learned of it) sets up in his office his very own Office of Ethics and Integrity … duh!

The first serious investigation this office conducts (Sunroad) clears the mayor and his lackeys of any culpability! Of course, why else would he have set up this PAID office? Not only for self-protection but, I opine, to also spy on those who might criticize him and his office.

Now, he wants to control an Audit Committee.

That’s the same as putting a coyote in a dog house with your best pal.

I opine that this paranoid mayor must be tossed out of office. He is really creating a lot of animosity within the structure and damaging the reputation of this city due to his incompetence.

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