Thursday, Aug. 9, 2007 | I would be surprised if Mr. Goldsborough did not injure himself while slapping journalists on the back for their willingness to “speak truth to power.” What nonsense! When Mr. Goldsborough and his journalistic buddies “speak truth to power” while in Idi Amin’s Uganda or in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, or in today’s Iran, North Korea, Syria and in anyplace where Jihadists rule, then I will gladly celebrate their heroics. But it takes no courage at all to call Bush a “Nazi” or attack any part of the U.S. power elite while safely in the arms of American democracy. If you want examples of journalistic “courage,” simply recall the recent unwillingness to publish some cartoons that the Muslim “street” found offensive. While it’s true that some journalists in other countries (e.g., Mexico and “Oakland”) have put themselves at great risk, I don’t find that many American journalists who endlessly scold the current administration fit that category.

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