It’s been a year since we kicked off this news blog, the younger sister of This Just In and the forum for following up on stories related to housing, jobs and the other ingredients in your recipes for surviving in San Diego.

With your help — many thanks for your e-mails and questions — we’ve covered the slump in local housing, the volatility of mortgages and home financing, the impacts of increased foreclosures on the region, the shifts in the labor market and other issues that have prompted some economists to worry about the possibility of a recession.

We hit the road in March, taking Survival on the buses and trolleys with some folks who choose to ride public transit, and some folks who have no other choice.

We’ve taken a look issues facing San Diegans as they search for deals on groceries and gas, team up to buy homes together, band together to try to save mobile home parks and apply for social services like food stamps.

And it’s been a good year. Thanks for sending me your questions, your thoughts on what I’ve written and your responses to the follow-up posts. I’d love to know what else you’d like to see in this space — please, click my name below to share your ideas.


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