Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2007 | Talk about being on “tip-toe!” Just what are you saying in this cautious, circuitous and wordy editorial? Are you essentially supporting the near-clandestine summertime work of a committee of uber-insiders, entirely appointed by Mayor Sanders, led by Alan Bersin, to further erode the balance of power between City Council and the Already Strong Mayor’s office? Your only cavil is about when these additional draconian changes will be made “permanent?” How about this flawed fast-track process? Is it good for our beleaguered city? Is it necessary? If so, why? Whose interests are being served? How about fact that City Charter change has usually taken many months of deliberation with ample time for public comment and a special welcome for civic activists. How about the fact that bona-fide members of past City Charter commissions have been elected?

I don’t know, voice editorialists, please explain it to us.

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